How to connect a PS4 controller to an Android device

It doesn’t matter whether you’re aged 4 or 74 most people love gaming on their tablet or smartphone. Although gaming consoles and PCs continue to draw the attention of avid gamers, Android devices offer a thrilling gaming experience too. The developers have perfected the use of touchscreens in their games, however there are a lot of games that have game controllers that can be connected via Bluetooth.

You can go out and purchase one of the MOGA Hero Power or a retro-styled 8Bitdo however there’s no need to invest the money for the Bluetooth gaming device if your have the PS4. Follow these steps and you’ll play games on your Android device using an existing PS4 controller in just two minutes.

Step-by step instructions

how to connect ps4 controller to phone

  1. Hold and press on the PS or Share buttons of your PS4 controller to switch it in pairing mode. The white LED will illuminate the rear of your controller when pairing mode has been turned on.
  2. For your Android device go to Settings > Bluetooth. Bluetooth and ensure that Bluetooth is on.
  3. Hold Scan for a new device
  4. Make sure to tap the Wireless Controller to connect the PS4 controller to your device

After your PS4 controller is connected to your tablet or smartphone it will be possible to utilize it to play a variety of your favourite Android games. The majority of racing, flying fighting, and side-scrolling games come with built-in support for Bluetooth controllers. However, If you have a particular gamer’s love of puzzles then you might be not able to play them. We hope that changes once you get the Play Store is available on Chromebooks in the near future.

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If you’ve tried using PS4 or PS4 and/or any alternative Bluetooth controller, to enjoy games with your Android phone, then we’d like to know what games you’d recommend to others.

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