Mary on a Cross Song Meaning & Lyrics from Ghost

When you first hear “Mary on the Cross” by the band Ghost it is possible that you won’t be sure of what the lyrics mean to. This could be the case the third and fourth times too, which is why we’re decoding the meaning behind the lyrics for you. Ghost is known for its blasphemous songs that contain religious imagery and we’re approaching this song with that type of concept in the mind. Read on to learn what the Mary on a Cross song meaning.

What does the song Mary on a Cross Mean?

mary on a cross lyrics

“Mary on the Cross” Ghost indicates this character Mary (referring to the famous Virgin Mary) is enjoying romance despite the fact that she claims to be pure.

“The Virgin’s Mary reference is made to create a powerful and provocative meaning. This is not, of course, talking about Mary Magdalene as many have speculated, as the lyrics reference “Holy Mary”, also called Mary, also known as Virgin Mary in the Christian faith. The lyrics appear to be referring to sexual sex when discussing being down, however the songwriters state that many of the lines have dual meanings and these phrases could mean she will be remembered in the history of our time.

The lyrics do not appear to suggest an intimate or sexually explicit song , however they are more in line with the story that Ghost’s life has.

The Verse

The opening verse is about the accomplishments that the group has enjoyed. It explains the way they “paid their bills”. Even when they felt down, they carried on and the song could be interpreted as a rant about depression, with a depressed mind being an important and underlying theme throughout every song.

The second verse is about keeping it simple and gaining control through the words “play according to your rules”. The conclusion is that this method is not working and something needed to be changed. In their field they realized that doing things in accordance with the rules was not suitable for them, and choosing their own method helped them eliminate their past sadness.

The Chorus The Chorus Mary on the Cross Significance…

mary on a cross lyrics

Although Mary could be mentioned in the lyrics, the song does not really focus on the Biblical character. There are some words from the religion that are used at the closing of the chorus, it’s not any underlying religious theme to be found. The lyrics conclude with a promise of never giving up on someone and that’s why the lyrics are akin to an anthem for love. If you go through the lyrics separately in relation to the tune and focus on the meaning of the lyrics that love isn’t the subject matter.

The chorus delves into sexually explicit territory that includes allusions to internal tickling as well as oral sex. However, the central theme of a career progression remains because a double meaning of the stimulation of the mind through music can be discerned.

The expression “Mary on the cross” is a reference to marijuana, in addition to obvious allusions to religion. It isn’t connected to the overall theme, however it’s worth noting the significance that certain lines attempt to convey.

All in All All in All Mary on the Cross Song The Meaning

If you study the lyrics attentively it’s obvious that, even though the song’s writers want you to see an picture of Holy Mary on a cross as a insult, the actual lyrics have no connection to religion, or even the persona of Mary. The themes of breaking free of the norm and the limitations put on group members are commonplace and maybe the use of marijuana may have been a factor in their desire to be free at certain points.

credits for “Mary with a Cross”

The song was written by Ghost Front man Tobias Forge ( see here) together with Salem Al Fakir and Vincent Pont are according to NME.

Release Date for “Mary with the Cross”?

The track debuted in the compilation “Seven inches of Satanic Panic” in September of this year and included “Kiss Go-Goat” also being released according to Genius..

mary on a cross lyrics

Ghost’s “Seven Inches of Satanic Panic” Album

This album is an EP or single, released by Ghost, a Swedish rock group Ghost. The album was comprised of only two songs that ran seven mins and 27 secs.

It was made in Stockholm, Sweden at Park Studio. The album was produced by Gene Walker, who also manages the group. Loma Vista released the album in the year 2019.

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