What Is Kendrick Lamar ‘N95’ Lyrics Meaning?

Kendrick Lamar – N95 Lyrics Meaning

The meaning behind the lyrics to “N95” by Kendrick Lamar refers to the masks worn by N95 were worn by people during the outbreak. Here, the rapper criticizes the responses to the pandemic , from ordinary people to those who are in charge. Kendrick Lamar was seen filming an music video for “N95,” floating across the beach’s sand.

The music video of the track ‘N95 in the music video for ‘N95’, Kendrick Lamar precisely parallels Jesus Christ on the cross. He encourages people to get away their possessions and look closely at them.

The introduction: Lyrics from N95

n95 lyrics

The lyrics to “N95” by Kendrick Lamar urge us to step away from the world of material things and we’d be left with nothing to demonstrate for the effort. It’s a very significant message since people were flaunting the identity of their masks, even as they were at the brink of suffering a devastating epidemic. In plain words the rapper tells us to humble ourselves.

Huh, huh, ugh
You’re outta pocket You outta pocket (This is a hard hit)
You let yourself be apathetic and must stop it (This is a smacking hard)
You get to entertain old acquaintances when they are become toxic (This is hard)

n95 lyrics

Lyrics from ‘N95’ song by Kendrick Lamar

N95 Lyrics Meaning

Let’s look at the meaning behind the lyrics to the song “N95” performed by Kendrick Lamar line-by-line in greater detail.

“N95” of Kendrick Lamar, is his second single from his album, which is his fifth and last, Mr. Morale and The Big Steppers, with Top Dawg Entertainment. The date for the release of the song is 13th May 2022.


The song’s intro is a reminder of how we were deceived by the government about what was happening throughout the time of the pandemic. No one knew what the best steps to take. In both Trump as well as Biden administrations differed in determining whether lockdowns, masks and so on. were required or not. It’s back to the outside, however we were made to remain in our houses like prisoners and wear an mask, even though it was not logical.

[Verse 1]

In the opening line of the song ‘N95’ Kendrick Lamar urges that we should get rid of the world of material things. He urges us to cut off the clout chase Wi-Fi, costly phones, credit card, jewelry, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Birkin, etc. He then tells that we should not have idols as there is no perfect person. The rapper continues to advise us to get rid off indecisiveness, unloyalty fake deep, fake wakefulness, never complaining about money insufficient and gossip, etc.


When he tells us to rid ourselves of all thoughts and objects, Kendrick Lamar looks at us in a state of displeasure. He says that we lack any substance or meaning beyond the materialism and consumerism that we live by. In using the term the word “N95” as an example of masking, he’s showing how our desire for objects of material value are actually the masks we live with every day. Then, he affirms that they’re ugly without hesitation.

n95 lyrics

[Verse 2]

“The the world’s in state of panic” refers to the current pandemic we are experiencing. We know that the virus wasn’t the only issue market was crashing across the globe too. “Sleep in the box” signifies that people are losing jobs, broke and all they have is the cost of a boxes. Then, we have billionaires earning more billions than they ever have in the same period.


The bridge as well as the first part of the 3rd verse were conceived to accompany Baby Keem’s song “vent” however Kendrick only provided vocals for the chorus. The Bridge part, Kendrick sings about “big steppers,” one of the key words from his album. The meaning behind “big steppers” is an individual who stands out from others and refuses to compromise or compromise in order to achieve their own success.

[Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar & Baby Keem]

Kendrick Lamar opens his third verse in his song ‘N95″N95″ by asking “Can I let out all my feelings?” which implies that the bars were intended to be a reference to Baby Keem’s track ‘Vent’. The rapper refers to his 2012 song ” Swimming Pools (Drank)”. The rappers speak about social and political issues , including the rising crime rates, taxation families suing one another to get financial advantages.

And then, Kendrick Lamar sounds genuinely worried. He has a thought about a specific subject. How much materialistic thinking can create a sense of aesthetics? In what direction can we be able to obtain a credit line? Do we have to sacrifice our commitment to leverage? Then, he exposes the pretenders and hypocrites who believe they’re only people to be considered relevant within their own community.


“You are out of your pocket” signifies that we’ve lost contact with reality. This realization is extremely difficult to accept. So, we get even further away from being in contact with reality to way to cope. We have a tendency to entertain mediocre individuals and items that do not fit into our lives any more. In addition we are tolerant of the insanity of our friends from the past even when they’re toxic because they’re our old buddies.

n95 lyrics

In the end, Kendrick Lamar forces us to examine our own lives before making judgements on the lives of others. He questions what our lives look like while slamming the cancellation culture. Are they filled with talk or do they actually accomplish productive? What is the reason you are cancelling others while your own crib isn’t clean and you’re not good being a person?

Conclusion: Meaning of N95

The meaning of “N95 the song of Kendrick Lamar lies in the disguise we wear to make us appear like we’re people of substance. However, the rapper dispels the illusion by taking off the notion of the notion of materialism. He makes us realize that we’re a non-person beyond the material value we offer. This implies that we are not living our lives for ourselves, but doing the work of someone else.

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