Money Metals Exchange Review 2023

Money Metals Exchange is an online bullion exchange. It offers copper, silver, gold platinum, palladium and Rhodium. Customers can buy the precious metals in a variety of varieties from the dealer in bullion, or can sell their existing assets. Money Metals Exchange offers services beyond selling and buying like the storage of metals and loan facilities.

Check out the Money Metals Exchange review to determine if this is the best place to purchase the precious metals you need.

Pros & Cons


  • Has various services
  • Offers many products
  • Free shipping on all orders of $500.
  • All deliveries are protected
  • Secure packaging and fast shipping
  • Many useful resources are available.
  • Many customer service channels for support
  • Various payment gateways

Money Metals Exchange


  • The phone support line is not always available
  • There is a chance that you will be charged transaction charges (depending on the payment method you preference)

Money Metals Exchange – What is It?

Money Metals Exchange is an online dealer of bullion that gives customers access to a range of precious metals like copper, silver, gold and platinum. Metal products are offered in different forms such as rounds, bars as well as coin (depending on the kind).

The platform offers a variety of popular coins like American Eagles, gold coins silver coins, as well as copper coins. It also offers “Starter Packs”, building blocks as well as bullets and jewelry!

But, what makes it a popular investor’s bullion exchange is its premiums. Money Metals Exchange offers some of the most affordable prices in the U.S.

While you won’t get online services that provide price for precious metals that are lower than what the spot price is however, the cost for buying at Money Metals Exchange is still significantly lower than the majority of the competitors.

With an insurance policy for shipping that covers third-party insurance as well as a fast delivery, it’s not surprising that thousands of people select x as their preferred gold dealer!

Products Offered on Money Metal Exchange

Most Money Metals Exchange reviews depict the platform positively. Following the Money Metals Exchange review, we verified this by finding that the site has one of the most extensive variety of precious metals for sale with competitive costs.

You can buy commodities directly from the website with credit card (or your preferred way of paying). The company also offers storage options for direct delivery in case you don’t wish to have your metals shipped directly to your home.

Money Metals both buys and sells metals. However, you must keep an watch on the worth of your investment. Market losses are not uncommon. If you purchase a currency and then decide to sell it to the business then you’ll be accountable for any market losses that may be incurred and the company won’t take into account the purchase price as the initial one when determining the price of buyback.

We’ll cover the details in more detail later within this overview. Now, let’s have a look at the many metal commodities they have to offer!


You can buy a broad variety of gold coins bars, rounds, jewelry and fractionals, including products made from Great Britain, Canada, Australia and China.

Money Metals Exchange


The silver offered by Money Metal Exchange comes in bars, round bullets, fractionals, as well as statues.


Copper is available in round forms pennies, round bars, and rounds.


There are platinum bars, coins and jewellery for sale on Money Metals Exchange.


Palladium is available only in bars and coins.


Rhodium is the most common metal and is the most varied, and is available as bars.

The Shipping Process

When you’ve made your decision on the purchase(s) then it’s time to choose the method of payment. Different payment methods offer different timelines and impact the speed of delivery We’ve arranged the options below. If your payment method processes quickly, you’ll receive your order quickly. In the event that it doesn’t, you might be a small delay. There are also limits on payment methods to take into consideration when choosing the best payment method.

If paying via:

  • If you use a debit or credit card You can anticipate the payment to be processed within 2 to 3 calendar days. Credit card transactions are restricted to a maximum amount of $575 per transaction.
  • PayPal is a payment method that allows you to pay up to $575 through the shop online. This can take up to a couple of days to process.
  • Personal checks There’s no minimum amount for purchases (although small purchases may cause additional shipping costs). The amount you pay for will be paid in 7 to 10 calendar days.
  • AACH transfers is limited to a maximum amount of $575 per transaction. You’ll need to purchase more than $500 if wish to save shipping charges. The ACH transfer should be completed in 7 to 10 calendar days.
  • Wire Transfer you’ll need to invest a minimum $3000 ($50,000 the maximum amount). Wire transfers are processed within 2 to 3 business days.
  • Amount of money is expected to be paid in to receive your money within seven to ten calendar days. You can buy anything of up to $25,000 using the money order.
  • Cryptocurrency allows you to purchase anything that exceed $200,000! Plus it takes only 2 to 3 days to pay.

Money Metals Exchange Features


You can buy any of the precious metals through the exchange. Every transaction is secure, safe and quick. All purchases are covered under the insurance policy of the company. Once your account is established (which is less than 10 minutes) then you are able shopping! To facilitate transactions however, you can only to purchase one item at a given time, however it is possible that this will be altered in the near future.

Money Metals Exchange

When you go to the check out page, it is possible that you are able to select the payment method you prefer. Money Metals Exchange supports nearly all payment methods, such as e-transfers, credit/debit cards wire transfers, checks, and even crypto!

If you get your bullion or gold bars and you decide to change your mind, you’ll be able to claim a refund when you submit a return request within three days of receiving the item.

Monthly Payment Program

It’s wonderful to include precious metals in your portfolio However, not everyone can be able to afford these purchases completely. Many prefer to save money to purchase the item, however Money Metals offers another option The Monthly Payment Program!

Through the monthly payment program you are able to pay monthly for the purchase of silver, gold palladium or platinum products from Money Metals. When all payments have been paid then you can choose to get metals that are precious metal(s) delivered to your home or deposited with the depositor.

Plans are incredibly flexible beginning at the minimum of $100 per month. The amount you pay per month, as along with the value you purchase is entirely up to you. It’s interesting to note that the company provides only four dates for each month to make payments. You’ll have pick from the first, 10th, the 15th as well as the 25th.

The payment can be done through the automatic withdrawal of your account at a bank or you can pay by check or money order at no cost. You can also pay monthly with a credit card but it will incur the payment being charged 4% for processing.

You can join the monthly payment plan by sending your application in, or completing the application by phone, or using the enrollment form online.


Its Money Metals Exchange buyback program will accept your silver, gold and palladium. The exchange negotiates prices by telephone, so you can give their customer service line to call.

After you’ve reached a price agreement You will be required to give an email address. Within a short time, you will be sent a purchase order by email. This confirmation message will include shipping instructions that you’ll be required to follow to send your items to them. The payment will be sent to you after everything is verified and is finalized.


Money Metals Exchange also offers loans that clients can use to borrow against silver and gold they own. Interest rates for these loans are very low and your rate of advance is 75% on the value of your collateral. The process is quick from beginning to conclusion and the platform keeps your collateral secure in storage and fully covered.


If you choose to store your precious metals with Money Metals Exchange, you are assured that everything will be secure in a modern depository facility that is fully insured and you will have accessibility to loans in cash when you require.

In comparison to other exchanges and other storage services, Money Metals Exchange charges an extremely reasonable flat fee of $96 per year on holdings that are valued between 0-$15,999. Starting at $16,000 and up to $2999,999 will be assessed in a proportion of the total amount, and customers will need to contact the company to inquire about pricing for holdings of greater than $3,000,000.

Referral Plan

If you’re already an existing Money Metals Exchange customer and you’re seeking a way to make the most of your investment strategy, one option to achieve this is by taking advantage of Money Metals’ referral program. Money Metals referral program!

Like the majority of referral programs, clients will be rewarded each when they recommend a potential client that mentions the name of their referral. However, this program also pays the person who is being referred (in addition to the person who refers)!

No matter the size of your order regardless of the order size, you’ll receive one ounce Silver American Eagle coin for each new customer you recommend. The best part is that you’ll get an additional Silver American Eagle for every $5,000 they pay for their first purchase.

If, for example, you refer a friend to whom you made a purchase of $10,000 and you were to receive the base currency for the referral as well as 2 additional dollars (one per $5). The person you refer would receive one half-ounce Paul Revere silver round for being referred to by you.

Customer Service

There are several reasons to contact customer service. You might be trying to avail their buyback offer, require an update on your order, or make a return on an purchase. It’s good to know that Money Metals has a quality customer service department that is willing to assist with any issue that may occur.

Contact customer service by phone or via email during the hours of business. Similar to many other businesses they operate between Monday and Friday (7:00 AM to 5:30 pm MT). They’re also open on Saturdays, from 7:30 AM until 3:30 pm MT.

Contact them by mail, however it could take a long time before they answer your query (especially when there are delays in the delivery process).

Money Metals Exchange Review – Is It Legit?

Yes, following an exhaustive Money Metals Exchange review, we think it’s an extremely secure, safe and reliable business.

Money Metals Exchange

It’s an Better Business Bureau accredited business and Investopedia has named it the 2020’s most valuable precious Metals dealer located in the USA. The company is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers extremely seriously and employs the latest SSL technology to protect your personal information. Money Metals Exchange will not divulge or sell your personal information.

All of this is in compliance to the law, with surveillance cameras and insurance procedures in place to give you security.


Money Metals Exchange is more than just a place to trade precious metals. It’s also a secure option to borrow money as well as secure storage for metals and an excellent source for pricing, the law concerning purchases of precious metals and many more. Explore Money Metals and learn what it can offer yourself and for your money objectives

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