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Myhrkp Portal | myhrkp login

This is known in the form of MyHR KP Portal it is a portal developed for Kaiser Permanente for its HR benefits. The software is utilized in Kaiser Permanente (or KP) for access to HR information as well as to manage HR business. With it, employees are able to get access to payroll information including W-2s, payroll information, as well as other benefits for employees. Only KP employees are able to access the MyHR KP website. The MyHR KP Login Process would be detailed and explained further down.

Myhrkp Portal

MyHR KP Login

Before you input any data into the MyHR KP site, you must make sure you’re browsing the site at the exact time you are entering the data. There are many attacks involving phishing that involve the use of URLs or email addresses that could lead to dangerous websites as their starting point. Verify that you’re using the authentic MyHR KP website by checking the SSL certificate of the site in our guide to preventing phishing.

Your national User Identification Number and Password you’ll need to sign in are as below:

Myhrkp Portal

It is necessary to navigate to web page in order to log in. It is possible to enter your User ID and Password into the provided box and hit the “Sign On” button within just a few seconds.

You must activate your account first , if you’ve never used MyHR KP before. MyHR KP portal prior to. After clicking on the “Activate your account” link to activate your account, you’ll be able to activate your account. This will show you the steps needed in order to make your account active.

If you need to lookup your National User ID you can use following link to do it. To find your National User ID you will have to input your name, First and Last as well as your birth date and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.

Myhrkp Portal

You can do this by visiting The steps below are what you should follow to locate Your national User ID: Enter your first and last name as well as your birth date as well as your Social Security Number last four digits.


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