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Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough

The most played video game in the world of computer games and video games is Treasure of Nadia God Shovel by LT Media. This adventure game takes you on an adventure-based journey. This game features 12 gorgeous women, which makes it both enjoyable and challenging.

These women will be your friends as you travel through the caves. This game is especially fun for those in their mid-life. You will be exploring the jungles to find artifacts and hidden treasures.

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough

You will also be able craft potions and keys as a player. You can also try different crafting methods in the game by using the shovel (found in the treasures of Nadia God).

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Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough–v 03111

Here is the Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough Guide. Please take your time and follow the walkthrough until the end.

V 03111 (1/2).

  • Follow the prompts to meet Diana (Library).
  • You will need to go to Estero Key, then Home and finally to Estero Park. There you can get the Stone Talisman. Then give it to Diana
  • To get some cash, you can now collect talismans (park).
  • Talk to Albert at the lighthouse, then visit Full Mast Bar for some liquor (Dark Rum).
  • Bar: Take the key (left), and then go to Janet’s home. You will need the key bar (bar) in order to open the second floor door. The key is located in the middle. Tasha (bar), will receive the ID once you have it.
  • Return the Dark Rum to Albert (lighthouse), and you will get the binoculars back
  • You can use the binoculars at the beach and again in Estero Key to obtain 1 Naomi’s heart.
  • Begin by meeting the Cape Vedra girls, and then you will go to the Doctor’s Office (talk to the Administration), the church, and the Squallmart.
  • The talismans can be sold to Diana. After that, you will go to the parlor to receive a $30 massage.
  • Visit the Estero Park to search for more talismans

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough

V 03111 (2/2)

  • Sophia (Mansion)
  • Janet can answer your questions about Sophia (Janet)
  • Take the empty bottle to Kaley’s bedroom.
  • To receive the Unknown treasure, talk to Alia (Estero Key), twice
  • Show the Talisman of Love to Diana and go back with Alia to receive 1 Alia’s heart
  • Estero Park > Left to get the chest key
  • Talk to Ash (Squallmart).
  • Alia will help you to purchase the basic walkway, basic fence, and basic garden flowers at a cost of $10 and $30, respectively.
  • Purchase a book in SquallMart for $60 and then study
  • Give the Jade Talisman (Estero Park), to Pricia (Parlor).
  • Alia’s Outfits (Store)

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough–v 06112

  • Follow the men (left) to Estero Park. Then, go upstairs to get the chest key.
  • The Small Screwdriver is located east of the park, in the cave
  • Purchase the Health Insurance ($60-SqualMart) and hand it in to the administrator (Doctor’s office).
  • Talk to Ash!
  • Wait for Janet to leave, then go to Janet’s home. Once she is gone, get in, climb the stairs and use the bathroom. Enjoy (+1 Kaley)
  • Janet’s bedroom door can be opened using the screwdriver to access the ero*tic text book
  • Ask Diana about the book at the library
  • Talk to Naomi outside about the book “A Sinful Affair” and give it to her
  • Purchase the drink “S*ex at the beach” (Full Mast Bar) and give it Naomi (+1 heart).
  • Take the key to the church and open the chest. Then, go to the church and get the page.
  • Give the key to Ash, and you will get the photo
  • Naomi can purchase an outfit for $400
  • You can also buy garden plants ($200).
  • Call Alia (requires at least 5%).

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough–v 09121

  • Talk to Alia at Estero Park and ask for the Shovel Shaft (left).
  • Follow Clare to the cave and enjoy this scene
  • You can now use the native shrine to offer items and receive better items back
  • Talk to Emily (Squallmart), and you can also purchase the Shiovel Head ($80).
  • Go to the Parlor > Backyard and take the money (guy), as well as the shovel handle
  • Send the money to Emily (+1 Heart)
  • Talk to Diana (library), and Ash (requires $250 to take 1 photo).
  • If she rejects your offer, you can sell the Stone Talisman to her.
  • Doctor’s office: Diana requires a powerful magnet
  • Click on the bird to park, take the MRI Room Key (inside), the chest key, and the high-powered magnet (left)
  • Give Diana the powerful magnet (+1 heart).
  • The cave has a chest.
  • Native Shrine – use: Jade Talisman, Shovel Shaft, Shovel Head
    Shovel Handle and Jade Shovel
  • Show Pricia your silver talisman. If you don’t already have it, go to the Native Shrine and get it.
  • Purchase an outfit for Emily ($400), and also the Discount Sofa ($1,000). Call Emily

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough–v 11122

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough

  • Follow Alia (Estero Key)
  • Purchase a lighter as well as a pipe wrench ($80 each) in Squallmart
  • Enjoy the scene with Alia (Estero Key), and grab the talismans.
  • The Pipe Wrench can be used to break three vases (Library, Full Mast Bar and Light House outside).
  • Go to Full Mast Bar upstairs, fix the pipe using the pipe wrench, and then open the chest using the chest key (inside of the vase of the Libary).
  • Enjoy the scene downstairs
  • Talk to the man in front of the Library, then to Ash (Squallmart), return to the Library and talk to Ash (Squallmart).
  • Enjoy the scene by following Kaley (Janet)

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough–v 14011

  • Library: Get the Broken Camera and the Silver Talisman, as well as the Church Key
  • Church: With the key, open the door in the lower left corner. Madalyn will talk to you. She will give you the Chamber Key and show you how to use it in the next room.
  • Estero Park: To find a Ginseng plant, a crafting recipe and a circle, go to the left and then to the right again.
  • To activate the circle, you must activate four fires. There are two in the church (before you reach the door to the chamber) and two in the Estero Park (1 in the cave, and the one directly behind the circle). To get 1 Kam page, light the 4 fires and return to the circle.
  • Doctor’s Office: Visit the doctor and eat the ginseng plant ($140), then click on the closet in the lower right corner. Next, take the Camera base from the left and the Loose screw.
  • Tasha minigame: Wait for her to look away and then click on the second option until she looks at you.
  • Cave – Native Shrine : Small screwdrivers, Camera base, Camera base, and also loose screws
  • Take the camera to Ash (Squallmart), then meet him (Church).
  • Squallmart: Everything cheaper than $2,000 including the new outfits and the metal detector
  • Tasha, call and enjoy the new scene

v 16012

  • Church: Talk to Ash and then go to Squallmart
  • Estero Park: Follow Clare to the left. Next, you will find Philweed. You’ll also find Cockroaches, and the Ginseng plant. (Forget it, if it is not in our walkthrough). Give Philweed and ginseng plants to Emily
  • Lighthouse: Talk to Diana (Library), then visit the Lighthouse to get the talisman (break down the vase to the left) and interact with both the chest and the hint from the basement. To open the chest, find the key at the beach’s lower left corner and then turn the page.
  • Squallmart. Talk to Ash. Go to the library. Put the roaches into a box. Talk to Diana (Beach). Talk to Diana (Library). Finally, go to the Library. Clim the stairs to buy the photo.
  • (There’s also an additional scene in Estero Key.)

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough–v 19021

  • Squallmart – Talk to Pricia or Emily, then go back to the backyard to plant a ginseng tree in Pricia’s garden. (You can also find ginseng in Estero Park), then return to the Parlor to speak with Pricia
  • Library: You can take the ginseng plant (outside – lower left corner), and sell it to Pricia ($250).
  • Janet’s house: Backyard, then living room. Talk to Janet, Naomi, and go to the kitchen to make some iced tea (refrigerator). Take alcohol (nightstand), and Shoelaces (bathroom) upstairs to Janet’s bedroom. Watch the scene, then give the alcohol to Naomi und Janet.
  • Lighthouse: Take a photo of Squallmart and then go to the basement to talk to Albert. He will ask for the damaged boots and the crating page. Then, open the chest (password 684)
  • Find the Craft page in Full Mast Bar > Men’s Room and buy Shoe Glue at Squallmart.
  • Cave (crafting). The Stompin Boots recipe is Leather Gloves + Damaged Boots + Shoeslaces + Shoe Glue. Stompin Boots can be used to repel poisonous insects
  • Full Mast Bar: Get the Carbon Shovel Shaft as well as the Chest Key
  • Estero Park – Go to the spot where the scorpions used to be and grab the Ultra Shovel Handle. This is a page that can be used for crafting and the Golden Talisman. You will need to open the chest by opening Antacid Tablet (squallmart), and then giving it to the goose.
  • This update requires you to speak to Diana (library), purchase the outfit for Pricia(squallmart), and invite her (requires Curtains $2,500 and Yard Trees $4,000).

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough–v 21022

  • Talk to Emily (Library), take all the books and then give her Perenials of Cape Vedra
  • Take the Heavy Cord (Doctor’s office) to Estero Park.
  • Get a metal hook (squallmart), and then combine Heavy cord and Metal hook to make the Grappling Hook. Then, use the Grappling Hook to get red Ginseng. Give the red Ginseng to Emily
  • Begin by taking the Gaffer Tape (Estero Park, left side) and attaching the grappling hook. Next, grab the Wrench Grip(Cave – Estero Park, right side).
  • Craft a pickaxe in the Native Shrine: Gaffer Tape + Gaffer Tape + Grappling Hook and Pipe Wrench (the crafting pages are not on the left side).
  • Watch the scene at Estero Key. Next, go into Estero Key to use the pickaxe to get into the cave. The lighter can be used to light the bowl (left) and then you can use the torch (upper left).
  • Madalyn will be waiting for you at the church.
  • Continue to the church, then go through the right door and smash the column (right). Open the chest, and then break the vase to obtain the page and the money.
  • Meet Ash in the Parlor
  • Red Ginseng can be eaten, and you will need to pay $140. (The plant is available at Estero Park).

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough–v 23031

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough

  • Cave > Follow Clare to solve the puzzle
  • Show Diana (Library), the undiscovered treasure in the chest.
  • Talk to Tasha (Estero park), then go to Janet’s bedroom
  • Talk to Tasha and Ash at Full Mast Bar.
  • Take the note from Diana (Library), then light the bulb to the right. Turn it off to the left.
  • The secret key is located in the upper right corner of the box.
  • You are now ready to go to your bedroom
  • Talk to Madalyn (her Room – Church).
  • Look for a stone next to a column. Break the column using the pickaxe. Place the stone on the hole (above). Then, take the chest key.
  • Estero park > left-up -right -right > open the chest

v 25032

  • Doctor’s Office > Tomography Room > Take the basic container and the Nitroglycerin
  • Craft the Rock Bomb: Basic container + Nitroglycerin+ Jade Talisman(Estero Park), + Silver Talisman (+Estero Park).
  • Use the Rock bomb to block the cave’s west side.
  • Lighten the bowl to the left (lighter), take the coins, and then use the pickaxe to break the vase at the exit. (Remember the chest?
  • Make another bomb and place it on top of the first one
  • Snake’s puzzle: Remove the stone from the passage, and then close the exit.
  • Place the stone that you have placed at the exit’s end in the upper right corner of the screen. Open the last chest, located near the coins, with the chest key.
  • Jessica (Doctor), give the snake
  • Janet (her house) is your best friend.
  • Talk to the Estero Key residents. There is a Rock bomb you need to create and use.
  • Talk to Kaley (Doctor’s office & Cave of Estero Park)
  • Take the Pirate Diary to the place you have collected the coins.
  • Show Diana the locket (library) and Madalyn the pirate diary (church).
  • Buy: Outfit For Kaley, a Recliner, Roofing Job and End Table
  • Invite Kaley to your home

Recipes from Treasure of Nadia

Below is a list of ingredients needed for each recipe in Treasure of Nadia Crafting. It also includes a description of each recipe. Please visit our Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough for more information about where to find the ingredients, when they should be used and the times they should be used.

?? ?

??? Crafting Recipe: Death Doll, White Hair Stand x3

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Potion Crafting: Aloe Plant + Shea Butter + Ginseng Plant + The Basic Container

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough

Ant Killer

Ant Killer Crafting recipe: Fossilized Algae and Quartz, Alumina and Rusty Key

Bedroom Key

Maca Plant, Aloe Plant, A jaguar Hair and The Essence of Key (thanks Bob)

Blow Dart

Blow Dart Crafting: Dart, Scorpion Venom and Bamboo. Also, Feather

Camera Repair

Camera Repair Recipe: Camera Base, Broken Camera, Small Screwdriver, and Also Loose Screws

Casula Temple Key

Casula Temple Key Crafting recipe: 4 Temple Parts

Chest Key

Chest Key Crafting Recipe: Broken Key. Broken Key. Broken Key. Also Broken Key.

Chlorine shock

Chlorine shock Recipe: container, jasmine, chlorine, limeston, container


Concrete Crafting Recipe: Stone Talisman, Fly Ash and White Sand. Also, Dolomite

Deadly Whip

Deadly Whip Crafting: Whip & Poison Thorns, Royal Talisman and Show Glue


Dehumidifier Crafting recipe: Broken Dehumidifier and Small Screwdriver, as well as Silver Ore and also the Gold Talisman

God’s Shovel

God’s Shovel Crafting recipe: God’s Shovel Shaft, God’s Shovel Handle, God’s Shovel Head
Talisman for the Gods

Talisman of Gold

Gold Talisman Crafting recipe: Stone Talisman and Stone Talisman. Stone Talisman and Stone Talisman are also available.

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough

Deadly Whip

Deadly Whip Crafting: Whip & Poison Thorns, Royal Talisman and Show Glue


Dehumidifier Crafting recipe: Broken Dehumidifier and Small Screwdriver, as well as Silver Ore and also the Gold Talisman

God’s Shovel

God’s Shovel Crafting recipe: God’s Shovel Shaft, God’s Shovel Handle, God’s Shovel Head
Talisman for the Gods

Talisman of Gold

Gold Talisman Crafting recipe: Stone Talisman and Stone Talisman. Stone Talisman and Stone Talisman are also available.

Golden Teddie

Golden Teddie Crafting Recipe – Bumpy Candles, Gold Ores, Teddy Bears, and also White Sand

Golden Compass

Golden compass: compass piece + compass piece + compass piece + compass piece

Grand Talisman

Grand Talisman Crafting: Gold Ore. Gold Ore. Gold Ore. False Talisman.

Hacking Tool

Hacking Tool Crafting Recipe Key card, ID card Writer, System BIOS and Encryption scanner

Jade Shovel

Jade Shovel Crafting recipe: Shovel Head and Shovel shaft, Shovel Hadle, Shovel Hadle, and also Jade Talisman

Jasmine Massage Oil

Jasmine and Rosa Moss Massage Oil Recipe: Basic Container, Jasmine, and also Love Potion

King Shovel

King’s Shovel: King’s Shovel Handle and King’s Shovel Shaft, King’s Shovel Head, Caulli’s Coin

Loaded Musket

Loaded Musket Recipe: Cleaning oil, Old Bullet, Old Musket, and also Silver Ore

Metal Ladder

Recipe for Metal Ladder Making: Ladder Segment 3 x 3, Silver ore

Mystical gas mask

Mystical Gas Mask Crafting Recipe: Painter’s Mask. Fly Ash. Super Goggles. Grand Talisman.


Recipe for NitroGlycerin crafting: Soap.

Penetrating oil

Penetrating Oil Crafting: Nail Polish Remover, Aloe Plant, Transmission Fluid, Basic Container


Pickaxe Crafting Recipe: Wrench Grip. Gaffer Tape. Grappling Hook. Also Pipe Wrench

Pirate Key

The Pirate Key Crafting recipe: Pirate Medallion and Grand Talisman, Broken Key, and also Broken Key

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough

Pirate Shovel

Pirate Shovel Recipe: Jade Talisman, Pirate Medallion, Cursed Shovel and also Gold Talisman

Rat Trap

Rat Trap Crafting: Plastic Wrap, Gaffer Tape and Roach.

Rock Bomb

Rock Bomb Crafting Recipe: Nitroglycerin Basic Container, Silver Talisman, and also Jade Talisman

Rope Ladder

Rope Ladder Making Recipe: Knot Tying Guide + Tiny Rode x3

Royal Talisman

Royal Talisman Crafting: Grand Talisman x3 + Cauli’s Coin

Silver Talisman

Silver Talisman Crafting recipe: Stone Talisman Stone Talisman Stone Talisman Stone Talisman and Silver Ore

Stompin’ Boots

Stompin’ Boots Crafting recipe: Leather Gloves. Shoelaces. Damaged Boots. Also Shoe Glue.

Swift Shovel

Swift Shovel Crafting Recipe: Alloy Shovel Hand and Ultra Shovel Hand, Carbon Shovel Shaft, and also Silver Talisman

Tomb Key

Tomb Key Crafting Recipe: Tomb Key Segment x3 + Tikpak Artifact

x3 Kam Page

x3 Kampage Crafting Recipe: 2x Torn Pages of the Same Color + 2x Talisman Of The Go


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