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People enjoy streaming videos online video platforms. In order to keep enjoying their favourite content over and over again, many attempt to download video from web portals; however, due to lack of online platforms allowing their users to save videos or download them. When this occurs, video downloaders come into play; these online video downloaders allow users to download desired videos quickly without installing software programs or plugins.

Since VideoDownloaderTools offers an all-in-one free video downloader as a web utility, it can be used on virtually every type of device imaginable – smartphones, laptops, PCs, Macs or tablets! Our video downloaders don’t impose any sort of limits or fees when downloading videos – meaning that whenever it suits you can take advantage of our 24/7 availability without registration or signup requirements to use this facility and start saving videos without paying a cent!

With ease – free! – download videos now!

Every minute, hundreds of hours of videos are being uploaded to video-sharing platforms; billions of viewers watch them every day. No matter your preferred viewing mode – online or off – downloading your favourite videos may have crossed your mind at some point, whether for personal viewing purposes, sharing with a friend, or uploading as your story on apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Despite their enormous popularity, video sharing websites remain quite limited when it comes to uploading videos for downloading on social media apps like Facebook and Instagram.

Review all policies before sharing any video; each site varies, and copyrighted videos cannot be distributed legally in many countries including the US and many others.
Reason being, they only want users to watch videos on their website rather than downloading them for offline viewing. Their hope is to entice more visitors back over time and to keep users engaged with their platform – this increases ad views/clicks (their main source of income) while building up engagement between publishers and their audience.

Google recognizes this, yet only provides a rudimentary solution to this problem. But wouldn’t you rather have an easier system that lets you download whatever videos you wish without any restrictions or limits?

Well now it exists!

Download videos easily and effortlessly from popular video sharing websites with our Free HD Video Downloader!

With its user-friendly features of an Online Video Downloader

Downloading HD videos has never been more accessible or straightforward!

* High-Quality Results

Our video saver delivers high-quality results. By using it, you can get access to videos of identical quality as those watched online – nothing will alter them with our free online video downloader!

VideoDownloaderTools is a completely online video downloader which doesn’t require installation on any of your devices in order to begin video downloads. All that’s necessary for successful downloading videos through this video downloader is access to stable internet connectivity and an active internet connection.

* Simple & Straight-Forward to Use

This free online video downloader makes saving video content from websites easy, while its user-friendly interface enables anyone to quickly save their desired videos in seconds. With its advanced algorithms working behind the scenes, this tool ensures users enjoy ultrafast results when downloading short clips, educational material, dramas or any other type of videos quickly and conveniently.

* No Watermarks

Unlike many of the HD video downloaders on the web, this free video downloader provides high-quality videos without any watermark. Specifically, all videos downloaded with this HD video downloader do not feature Tools watermarks or any other third-party branding.

How To Download Online Video with Our Free Video Downloader

With an intuitive user interface, our URL video downloader makes downloading online videos effortless.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Copy The URL For The Video You Wish To Download

Step 2: Submit The Video URL

Step 3: Submitting The Link For Downloading Once Selected* When entering the URL Of A Video You Want To Download for download (Step #2 is optional but recommended), and copy and paste its address directly.

Step 4: Submit The Video URL

Paste the URL in the space provided on the tool area above. Click or hit enter to activate the “Download Video” button or Hit Enter on keywords to initiate processing for download of videos, Steps 2-3 & 4 Choose video quality before starting download process Choose one of our multiple video quality formats that best meets your needs for download.

Step 5: Clicking the Download Button

To download, select the video file size by clicking on “Download,” which will take you to a separate page where three vertically doted buttons can be clicked to begin downloading your video file(s).

Start now to get results quickly and save the video for free to your computer or smartphone!

Our service supports quality 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4k video content without limits or pricing constraints – simply pay what is due on a flat monthly plan with unlimited speed! When it comes to speed of uploading and download of popular websites you need not look further! You will never run into problems here with us! Our servers uptime rate exceeds 99.9% whilst providing superior upload speed with 99.9% uptime speeds & Uptime Rate.

Facebook Video Downloader

While scrolling your timeline on Facebook, you may come across various videos you would like to download onto your device. Unfortunately, there’s no download video feature in their app, but our platform provides an effortless solution allowing you to complete this task easily – whether on mobile phone or computer; simply copy/paste the URL into our tool from either browser and start your downloads!

Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram is an oasis of visual content, offering thousands of amazing videos every day. Unfortunately, to keep these memories safe people typically rely on the screen recording feature on their phone – however this often compromises video quality and creates too large of a file size for use as intended. Luckily the Instagram Video Downloader tool can help to alleviate this hassle! No matter whether it is short clip or lengthy videos this tool allows easy download without investing time or energy into downloading them!

Dailymotion Video Downloader

Dailymotion is an extremely popular video-sharing platform that features videos in nearly all genres. If you find a video here that you would like to save for later watching without accessing the web, using their downloader is your solution. Simply copy and paste its URL, submit it through this tool, click download, and watch as your request will be instantly fulfilled with instantaneous viewing on local storage of your device!

Vimeo Video Downloader

Like Dailymotion, Vimeo is an accessible video-sharing platform available across various devices. However, Vimeo doesn’t permit its users to directly download their uploaded videos; therefore you can depend on the Vimeo Video Downloader utility to perform this task effortlessly without experiencing any hassles or confusion. Using this tool won’t lead you anywhere other than Vimeo videos themselves! It simply streamlines this task effortlessly for you.

Twitter Video Downloader

Don’t lose heart! With Twitter Video Downloader at their disposal, tweeps no longer need to fear missing out on their favorite videos on Twitter’s microblogging social platform. Using this facility makes gaining access to videos quick and effortless as it easily accesses high-quality files shared through Twitter.

Does It Legal to Download Videos From Social Media Platforms?

A common question surrounding downloading videos from Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform is if it is legal for people to do so.
At first glance, there are two sides to this argument. On one hand, copyright issues suggest that as long as a video download is made for personal offline viewing only and not commercial purposes then no illegality should exist; but we believe there should be an exception made for such uses.

Important note: Please be aware that we do not support downloading the videos of others with commercial intentions; that is not what this tool was created to do.

But in terms of Google’s original demand, downloading videos for online streaming would violate their terms of service and would constitute breaching their original agreement.

Here’s why: Watching videos offline costs Google money and could also reduce earnings of video creators (with the exception of non-monetized videos).

Do you want to know how you can download online videos free from any website and watch them offline? Want to know? Exactly where and how? Here is your answer:
Video sharing websites monetize themselves with various forms of ads, such as pre-roll and interruptive ones, to make money; contributors also can earn revenue this way.

Google’s goal is to offer free, HD videos while you in exchange view or click ads. By downloading videos to watch offline instead of online, however, Google is breaking their contract – but I suppose you may have your reasons!

Sometimes downloading videos is more beneficial than visiting the same website repeatedly.
As an example, Facebook videos can be saved for use as part of eLearning courses. Many colleges and universities encourage eLearning programs, with video sharing sites such as our video downloader tool being an integral component. You can easily save these eLearning videos using it without using up valuable data resources each time rewatching them again and again – without wasting data over and over again!


What Formats Does VideoDownloaderTools Support for Downloading Videos?

VideoDownloaderTools’ download video utility supports nearly all video formats, such as MP4, MOV, WMV and AVI files. No matter what form your videos come in, VideoDownloaderTools won’t impede you in downloading them onto your device.

Can this Tool Download Videos in Mp3 Format?

Unfortunately, this online video download facility doesn’t currently offer the capability of converting and downloading videos in mp3 format. However, you may use this facility to download videos uploaded directly onto the internet.

Does This Video Downloader Enable Me to Download Videos on Mobile?

Absolutely. As this video downloader is compatible with various types of devices, you can easily use this utility on a smartphone browser to access this downloader and enter the URL for the video you wish to save into its dedicated field. Once this process completes, your video will be safely stored on its local storage in no time!

What Languages Does VideoDownloaderTools Support?

VideoDownloaderTools supports multiple languages besides English when using its video downloader: Russian, Japanese, Italian, French, Portuguese Spanish Dutch and Chinese are just some examples.

What Platforms Does the Online Video Downloader Support?

Our video downloader is an intuitive web-based utility that requires no installation on any of your devices; thus making it accessible by all platforms – Macs, Androids, iOS devices, Linux servers or Windows PCs can access this service with ease and download videos from any website without experiencing any hassle or difficulty.

Does this Video Downloader Offer the Capability to Change Video Quality Before Downloading it?

Nope. Unfortunately, video downloaders do not offer users the ability to choose different video qualities when downloading from an URL they submit, unlike most web services which give you this option. When uploading a URL with video files available online for downloading, this online utility automatically fetches them in their original quality – there is no option for changing quality before downloads occur. You cannot change or alter it in order to download something in another format than what’s seen online.

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