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Every time you come across an amazing video on any website, your initial instinct may be to download it but most likely the website won’t allow this as they want your traffic. Now comes a search where to download this video only to come across spammy websites with loads of ads just trying to steal clicks – I know this firsthand and created Savethevideo so everyone could easily and safely download videos from all major platforms with just one click, such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, likee Instagram Kawai and many others! Savethevideo supports most popular websites such as Facebook Twitter TikTok Likee Instagram Kawai and more allowing everyone access.

Online Video Downloader

Savethevideo’s online video downloader is an industry game changer that allows users to access a wide variety of social media platforms and websites for video downloading purposes – much like google does with searches! All they need to do is access one page for all their video needs!

Music Downloader

Savethevideo provides access to TikTok, Ted, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Reddit platforms where you can easily download music and audio using Savethevideo’s website or app – no matter the platform – that enable users to easily download music and audio from these sites. Alternatively, there’s Tubemate which is a chrome extension designed specifically to download audio; just install and click its icon when downloading audio from any site!

Twitter Video Downloader

Yes, our website can help you download videos from Twitter but that is only part of its benefit; I also highlight its features as it comes equipped with both firefox and chrome extensions that enable direct downloads with just a single click – no copy-paste needed!

Facebook Video Downloader

Access any Facebook video by simply pasting its share link into Chrome browser’s address bar or using my extension for faster downloading of videos from Facebook apps or websites. Plus, I offer a Chrome video downloader extension so that all it takes is one click to get them downloaded!

Tiktok Video Downloader (Without Watermark)

Savethevideo allows you to easily and quickly download TikTok videos with or without watermark in a matter of clicks, making them yours for use within TikTok itself.

Dailymotion Video Downloader

Savethevideo’s responsibility is to enable its users to download videos from DailyMotion, the world’s second most popular video-sharing website. We allow multiple formats of downloads; simply install Tubemate as mentioned below if you prefer doing this through chrome extensions.

Likee Video Downloader

Likee Video Downloader TikTok’s main competitor, Likee, has become increasingly popular and we now allow saving videos from its website as well. Simply copy and paste any share link onto our input bar before selecting download!

Douyin (Chinese TikTok) Video Downloader

Douyin is China’s equivalent of TikTok and we make downloading video from that platform simple in two steps. Just copy and paste the share link into our input bar before clicking on download to select your preferred format and begin viewing!

Watch and Download OK (Odnoklassniki) Video Files Now, like Facebook in Russia, offers many great features but doesn’t provide video downloading capabilities. For this purpose, copy the share link of any video and paste it on our website to download it. Alternatively, Chrome users may wish to install Tubemate’s video downloader extension below for ease of accessing videos.

Steps for downloading videos from supported sites

Visit any of the supported websites. Copy the share link by clicking on the share button, copying, pasting, and pasting in Savethevideo’s input bar and then downloading icon. Finally, just choose your format from Savethevideo and watch your video download onto any device!

Are downloads from Savethevideo legal?

Yes, downloading any video you desire from Savethevideo is legal as long as it isn’t used commercially – otherwise a copyright strike could occur against it.

Why everyone and you should use Savethevideo

Well, there are multiple factors but let’s focus on some major ones.

  • No annoying ads and pop-ups like other websites.
  • Faster downloading speed than competitors.
  • 100% free tool to download videos
  • From over 100+ sites without sign-up or login requirements
  • Free from privacy concerns as we strictly follow our policy of not collecting any information about you!

Download videos from any popular website by installing this Chrome extension and take advantage of it to download videos directly

Tubemate Video Downloader Chrome extension is one of the best extensions you can add to your browser as it eliminates copy & pasting links, simplifying downloading videos by providing all relevant steps and instructions.

Simply visit one of the supported websites and click on the extension icon for downloading videos.

Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions Savethevideo offers several chrome extensions tailored specifically for individual needs – so keep scrolling below this to view them all!

Twitch Clip Downloader

With just one click, this chrome extension lets you download clips on Twitch in an effortless manner without altering website code or disturbing you while watching twitch itself – as well as downloading video of course!

Vimeo Video Downloader

Everyone enjoys Vimeo’s amazing HD and 4k videos, but downloading can be time consuming and difficult. Now there’s a quick solution – install Vimeo’s Video Downloader and your videos will download quickly with one click – regardless of HD or 4k quality! Also all formats will be covered so don’t worry about compatibility either!

How to Bookmark Savethevideo (Savethevideo )

Most of you may be asking themselves: ‘what can I do if I don’t use Chrome to visit this website instantly’? For them, bookmarks provide an effective solution; here is how I have listed steps for each device below.

Steps for bookmarking on Windows systems –

To bookmark SavetheVideo on Internet Explorer, Chrome, or FireFox browsers use Ctrl+D.

Steps for bookmarking on Mac –

Command+D: For Safari, Chrome, and FireFox browsers to bookmark SavetheVideo.

Steps for Bookmarking on Android Phones –

Simply touch any three dot icon to save bookmarks.

Steps for Bookmarking on iPhones –

Launch Safari, enter your URL, click ‘add to home screen’, and add it.

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