The World After The Fall Chapter 15

the world after the fall chapter 15

Welcome to The World After The Fall Chapter 15! In this blog we’ll discuss what’s happening as the closing of the world is near. We’ll talk about the Rapture and the Antichrist and The Mark of the Beast. Bookmark this page and return to check out the latest news as they occur!

What was the story of chapter 15 in the world immediately following the fall?

Following the fall of humanity, it is trying to recover. With back-to-back vampires, and other creatures the once-sacred paradise has turned into an unimaginable nightmare.

the world after the fall chapter 15

Humanity is outnumbered and outgunned and must fight to survive in the face of every challenge. Humanity’s only hope lies in stopping vampires in their quest to spread their curse all over the world.

But will they be able to do it before it’s too far?

What happens in the world following the fall?

Following the fall, the world will drastically change. It will appear that the world is chaotic with no structure. The economy will fall apart and the people will be in the poverty of their homes. There will be a shortage of water, food and medicines. All types of communication will disappear which will leave humanity in isolation. Without institutions or leaders that can govern them, the population will turn to gangs and different types of teams to stay alive. All that could remain the same is our human need to survive.

The World After The Fall Chapter 15

the world after the fall chapter 15

In the wake of the fall the world has become an entirely different place. The sky is bright orange and red, while the earth is covered in ash. A lot has disappeared in the chaos and destruction that was to follow technological advancement, civilization and even the skills to build. In the present harsh world, some individuals must discover ways to survive without assistance. A few groups make small settlements, whereas others travel the country looking for some food and shelter. It’s difficult living in a society where disease and violence are ever-present dangers. However, despite the difficulties there are people who make an existence for themselves or even love themselves in the midst of a challenging time.


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